Mediation FAQs

Mediation FAQs

What Does Mediation Cost?

The fees for mediation are normally $125 per person, per hour.

Session Information

Sometimes I may recommend individual sessions in preparation for joint sessions. The first joint session is a minimum of two hours. Also, I may recommend additional follow up sessions for family, commercial or other mediations, depending on progress in the first one.

Is Mediation the Same as Therapy, Counseling or Coaching?

No. The process of mediation is different and the goals are different from therapy and counseling. Family therapy and counseling is focused on mental illness and therapeutic changes. Family coaching focuses on generative growth and in-depth, transformative changes, often using NLP in a coaching model. Mediation focuses on building trust and respect in relationships towards designing agreements as the primary goal. Mediation is different in these ways therapy, counseling and coaching.

How Do I Begin?

The way to start is to contact me by phone to discuss the situation. Then, if you choose, you can schedule your initial consultation or mediation. This initial consultation is normally two hours, and the fee is $125 per person, per hour.

In some cases, the parties can design an agreement that is satisfying to both in that first couple of hours. Sometimes, especially when the issues are complex or conflicts longstanding, it takes longer.