kelly 16 Q13 interviewWelcome to Mediation Seattle, the website for my mediation practice in Seattle.

My Interview on Q13 TV in Seattle

Below is a TV story about a suicide attempt that was stopped by good conflict resolution efforts by a great 911 operator and a courageous state trooper. The story is by Q13 Fox TV reporter Dana Rebik, who interviewed me for the story. My part of the interview begins at 1:45 into the three-minute interview.

You can read the article at the Q13 site here.

About My Mediation Practice

Speaking to you directly—what you get when you bring your conflict to me are my knowledge and my skills. I will guide you to design your agreement based on years of experience; research into the theory and practice of conflict resolution; and my training with and study of top experts in the fields of NLP, family therapy, mediation, negotiation, collaborative law, and conflict resolution.

I listen deeply to you. I listen deeply to the other person or persons with whom you want an agreement. And I guide you on a journey towards that agreement or set of agreements for which you really came to mediation.

I believe in intervening to prevent you from behaving at your worst. I do the same for the other person. And I intervene to bring out your best capacities to cooperate for your ultimate well being.

My clients over the last three decades, have taught me what to do and what not to do while mediating.

Expect—with my guidance—to design a win-win-win agreement for you, for the other person, and for important others not present. And expect this agreement to benefit all concerned in the short term and the long term. Wisdom comes from integrating multiple perspectives into a blended set of priorities that bring about not only a good agreement, but a wise one as well.

Contact me to schedule your mediation. For details go here.